Brand driven & brainwashed BUT ?

Morning I was reading a blog on wordpress a minute ago about motivation and it made me start thinking about my YOUTH šŸ™‚ seems a long time ago I was young. I reach my 42 birthday in Feb but still very very active (cycling the roads for fresh air & a clear mind)

So get back on track brand driven and brainwashed from a young age, if your in your 20’s or 30’s you won’t remember the day NIKE took over the world for me, well as a 10 yr old 1983 a junior school the brain washing started all the rich kids (well off kids šŸ™‚ turned up in the latest NIKE trainers WOW amazing all the stars were wearing them ?? I have no idea as TV wasn’t like today we had 3 channels BBC1,2 and ITV but they had an image and we all wanted them. So my mother bless her visited the local shoe shop and bought me some NICKS šŸ™‚ I remember trying to palm them off a the official NIKE shoe I really wanted those NIKE shoes but to be fair my parents really didn’t have the cash to waste on BRANDING !!! shoes were shoes after all.

I was a mad keen footballer and went through trainers at a fair rate & then the next big shoe school revolution came through the DR martins boots again overpriced for the poor so I ended up with monkey boots šŸ™‚ OMG can you remember monkey boots ?? my life was over already so 1 day in I decided to cut them up with a stanley knife NO WAY would I be seen dead in those.

I got a massive hiding funny how things stick with you šŸ™‚ My younger brother (10 years younger) always had the latest adidas @ Ā£60+ I wonder if my parents learned there lesson like we all do down the line ? buy something you want and respect and you look after it ? to be fair to him he always kept them clean after all they were a massive statement when he was 11-14 years old. We have MONEY (well we didn’t we were better off, but I guess for a teenager the trainers were the STATEMENT WE DID)

So now forty I’ve learned so much and I don’t drive for image or branding my car sit idol for 5-6 days a week and I use my bike to go pretty much everywhere I don’t need the latest BMW I don’t need a 5 bedroom house I’m not driven by status or money.

After all I quit my job in May to look after my little lad who fills my time every day, I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself (well much) as I don’t have the energy between him and cycling.

Here’s the BUT I cheaped out (is cheaped a word šŸ™‚ NO I’d guess but its my blog and I’ll use it. I bought Chinese cycling kit and suffered with saddle sores tried every cream and over washed bought special low temp washing fluid NOTHING WORKED UNTIL I flashed the cash on wiggles DHB branded shorts at Ā£60 and finally my issue was sorted. You ask how did we get on to cycling again ? well its a u-turn on branding you really do have to buy overpriced branded clothing when its a technical sport.

My lovely wife bought me a Castelli gabba @ Ā£200 Ā (wow its amazing) the technical cut / flow is amazing it fits really well and its a pleasure to wear it nothings sags & nothing is baggy and in my mind its the best kit out there, no more wasting my time with 10 pieces of kit taking up space in my draws !!!

So I’m not brainwashed any longer but I’ve found out the hard way BUY quality and you buy it once, buy rubbish and cut corners buy it more than once buy it 3-4 times, I have waterproofs and jackets that don’t fit sitting collecting dust all at Ā£60-Ā£80 a pop just shows buy the right time once and your good to go (its already been worn more than all the the other jackets)

My trainers last 4-5 years these days so my next pair will be expensive and fit well šŸ™‚ and be down with the kids.

Life experience #no1


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