Sport addiction, dedication and then burn out oh don’t forget sleep !

I’ve had success with my sleep the last few days πŸ™‚ my latest fitness gadget the Xiaomi MiBand tells me I’ve had in the last 3 days for example last night I had 7hrs and 5 minutes sleep with 3hrs 13 minutes deep sleep. Cameron wasn’t sleeping great so felt average today 😦 so an hours nap at mid day was taken. (1st rule of daddydaycare or any care – take your sleep when you can its needed and important for health)

I’m addicted to sport or well not sitting still for long, a good and a very bad thing often leads to boredom and then slight depression (but only slight) the little man keeps you on your toes all day and the MiBand tracks your daily steps something else to track & follow along with strava & endomondo.

So the addiction in my case lets start with golf, squash, cycling etc.

Golf very addictive the more you play the worse you get πŸ™‚ the more you practice your art the more ups and downs you get, very frustrating one day your hot the next your not, I played most days from 17 years old to 27 (1999) and then I finally gave up trying to get any better “the addiction had worn off ?” my best was 3.6 (if you play you understand what that means) If not just ask πŸ™‚ in the comments.

I played the winter league @ Hinckley golf club and missed 3 shorts putts in December with my membership due I’d had enough and quit “yes its that easy” I then played casually for about 10 years before joining Stonebridge for 18 months and then back to good old Hinckley for just one year and then the bug / addiction fizzled out again and I moved on to my next project.

What came next I think squash pipped cycling but not by much, squash is a brilliant sport but don’t push yourself to playing for hours and then result in achillies issues and sore joints, the game is normally 40 or 50 mins I can’t quite remember but I decided after being told I wouldn’t get past a certain point on the clubs ladder to prove the guy wrong so I hit it hard and worked my butt off ended up winning that battle of the words, but then my love for the game just vanished in March this year (2014) Haven’t played or thought about it since March a real shame.

So Cycling came into my life April 2010 (approx) and I made the statement that I wouldn’t let this go the same route as my other hobbies that have fizzled out over the years, DON’T BE COMPETITIVE well not full on as with other sports.

So I’m not hitting it 100% and trying to be the best out there just the best I can, I’ve stopped my drive for mileage being a big stato I like collecting data, facts & figures STRAVA & ENDOMONDO help keep the passion alive with there online tracking and strava is just awesome with the KOM & monthly challenges.

So my advice don’t go hard don’t beat yourself up, bloody enjoy it sport is fun and you can win and I never thought I’d say this competing is just as good however good or bad.

wasted time worrying about stuff that shouldn’t be worried about EVER !!!!!

I’ve tuned down my miles not being addicted any longer from 7000 + to 6500 πŸ™‚ chill out #sitdown

apologies if you read this when I first post it, I’ve saved and published every time I wrote a piece all day :-0 looking after the 2 year old takes instant action !!!! thus breaks when writing my thoughts.



  1. Isn’t it amazing how just a few hours of compromised sleep can render us into a pile of shite! πŸ˜€
    I got some quality sleep on Sat night and felt great on Sunday! I wish I could get that deep sleep more often too Ricey! Alright, keep up the addictions! lol.


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