5.28am and pondering the situation #MoveOn

Looking blankly into the screen for inspiration what will today bring ? it will involve as always the BIKE and the motivation to do something big is always in my mind. But sadly and this is probably just an excuse my drive isn’t in a happy place I get great idea’s and then a few hours later they fizzle out. The next day after a poor night sleep (again sitting here typing speaks for itself) my drive arrives where shall we go how many miles are we hitting how fast are we pushing and then.

It hits me I’m knackered have I done enough miles this week this month this year ??? So I decide a short sharp fix is in order and fly around my 25 mile loop, we arrive back and feel great pop in the shower and settle down / relax (yeah right)

then the brain kicks in your behind on your yearly miles you need to ride more harder / quicker but that’s not really working is it ? if you read my other blog’s I like messing / tinkering but no means a mechanic I dabble I love tech the more complex the better.

I wish I’d gone down my brothers route and become a programmer, then I think maybe my ideal job is a tech tester 🙂 I NEED NEW GOALS NEW HOBBIES.

I feel depressed IM NOT its just a faze “mid life crisis” I like writing my blog’s mainly to share the things I’ve found either interesting or hard to fix #limitedinfoavailable I like problem solving and can’t put anything down till its fixed or it never leaves my head EVER 🙂 a good trait.

My soon to be 2 year old lad is awesome takes plenty of time up but since I quit my job in May 2014 to look after him its been super and I have much respect for the mothers out there doing it. Its bloody hard work believe me and kids just don’t stop EVER !

Instagram captures the mood nicely and with that google+, Facebook, Twitter its easy to share the moments of him growing up quickly him being cheeky and loving.

So I’ve cleared my mind again a problem shared is a problem halved ??? you might find this blog really boring I understand but I hope even if its just one section one word that helps you out makes life easier its been worth sharing / writing my experiences through my wondering MIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go get some sleep the monster won’t be having a lie in 2morro 🙂




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  1. Haha. I’m sorry but I chuckled at problem shared is problem halved. Lol. It does take a bit of a burden when you share to other people. Also, I find it easier to share to a stranger rather than someone I know.

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