13 weeks in after reading the EasyWay book by Allen Carr

I started reading the book for the first time in December 2009 and maybe I wasn’t in control like we all tend to believe, but having quit for 3 months I never actually believed I fully wanted too.

So I re read it again in Sept 2010 another failed attempt at the magic fitness push and yet again in August 2012.

Drinking is fine and as the book clearly states don’t convert or preach to anyone after you quit and so an injury ravaged year cycling went backwards and playing cricket with a bad shoulder/neck from June dampened my spirits.

So it came to the book yet again the 4th time we get control I read it differently this time believing I wanted to quit understanding the rules with no pressure.

I’ve gone 13 weeks and not really wanted a drink full stop but having drank from 15yrs old you wonder what have I been wasting my time for ????

I went a number of weeks but being a tradition for half’s when you take 5 wickets or bag a fifty I indeed put no pressure on myself and did 2 lots, then the end of season came and I had a beer.

Did I enjoy it NO I really didn’t but I understand myself and the thinking this time around, I’ve tried a mouthful of red wine we used to swill down and to be frank its dreadful, 13 weeks on I’ve no cravings for it plus my mind is clear and there’s no pressure even looking after my son to be 2 year old through the week #daddydaycare #hardwork

I’ve lost weight my taste buds have come back my mind / morale is better and hopefully the depression with injuries will completely go when fully fit.

42 in February looking forward to many years being a dad and cycling hard #stravaaction 👍🚴

Enjoy every moment, not drinking really does give you so much extra time. I’m filling that with coffee these days and fruit 😁

3.43am in the morning another 47 mins deep sleep and 3hrs+ next its time to crack insomnia 🐒 what a drama

Not proof read, I never do 👌 hey its my blog it makes sense when I’m writing it on my MiPad


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