The circle of life seems to be every 6 months !!

It seems to be a merry go round every 6 months I need to be reprogrammed, I ease with the drinking and get a grip then 6 months later maybe an injury has stopped me performing well. So the depression kicks back in and I do the worst thing possible drink a bit more & spiral.

Then I tell myself I’m not destructive and I can handle the beer / booze (OK I’m not violent just lose my way it seems)

my goal if you’ve read much of this blog is to get rid of the stomach fat and be as fit as I can be and improve my life in general, but drink is always kicking back in at some stage to stop the progress, not sure you can get anywhere near fit on the booze, it overs nothing in nutritional goodness.

I’ve read the easyway book properly once and scanned it 3 times so this time I’m ready it cover to cover with the hope to stop full time

I need to set goals get something in life that’s solid even if its cricket & cycling my main two passions other than Cameron 🙂


So are we going to do it right in 2014 and finally get the six pack or something that looks healthy ??????


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