Power Meter training the start 15th June 2014

SO the big investment how we going to use it ?? GCN on youtube has a simple guide you can watch HERE

My 1st ride with POWER – 10 mile test on the Hinckley TT course, one roundabout rest pretty straight STRAVA HERE Threshold / FTP test AVG power 291w & cadence 94 rpm (its a start) speed means nothing they tell me. so forget the average speed work on WATTS

5 min hill climb @ 3% on strava HERE 325w 165hr cadence 90

2 min Hill climb effort not long after HERE  6% 289w 160hr cadence 86

test was a bit down as my grandad passed away in the night, but hey you need to live your life ALL 🙂

Beacon hill 24th June 2014 – 6% average HERE section mid way up is 11/12% but average is 6% lovely area for riding

My training loop – 21 miles – 20.5mph 241w average 1st test HERE

15 miles 228w – 20.5mph (windy)

216w = 19.5mph (windy ish day) so 25w = 1mph (something to work with)

184w = 18.7mph over 57.5 miles


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