The Plan cycling & cricket

Means nothing but to myself really

750 by 22 = 34 and 40 = 1.81 simple stats to work with moon goals above is the STARS šŸ™‚

the next step cycling

Mon = Recovery Tues = Hard Wed= V easy Thurs = Hard = Fri = REST Sat – crick Sun Long ride (5 week project MAY) approx 130 miles per week

5 min splits 14.17 Ā is 21 mph 2.51 per mileĀ 

5 min split 13.57 is 21.5 mph 2.47 per mileĀ 

5 week goal 13.38 is 22 mph 2.43 per mileĀ 

I’ll be using the same circuit to follow progress, current best is 21.02 so any gains would be great and 22mph would be BRILL

very useful tool for averages can be found HEREĀ 

food and booze – stay under the cals using myfitnesspal and drinks only Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays for MAY !!

Thursday 24th April – 21.3 mph – good start felt crap tho – STRAVA RIDE

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