Aim for the stars not the moon (The Mind Management)

Best piece for me pg 276 were into the cogs section and Dr Steve Peters wrote the following

Psychological evidence says that we need to DREAM big and set extremely challenging goals if we want to increase our chance of success. Don’t aim for the moon but the stars . The moon is a goal that you know you can achieve by effect. The ‘stars’ are a goal that you could achieve by great effort and it will feel fantastic to reach this goal.

If you aim for the moon your chimp can get complacent but if you aim higher for the stars your chimp and human commit to it and get excited by the big challenge. therefore make sure that your dreams excite you, as you are more likely to achieve them and if you miss the stars you might reach the moon.

Cog 1 define your dream 

Starts = 1000 & 50 Moon = 700 & 35 for the season 2014 🙂


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