The BON BON tour “Antonne Et Trigonant” Dordogne 2014

Tour was with Bruce Kirby Cycling Tours & Holidays – Rugby UK (reply if you fancy some info) 

Tour photos from my nexus 5 phone so don’t expect pro pics HERE

With lack of internet available other than the 100mb daily T mobile booster @ £3 the blog was never going to get updated, the tour started at East Midlands airport and the 1hr 30 trip to Limoges followed by Bruce “F1 driver in his previous life” Kirby getting us down to his place at Antonne.

The first night Chinese was most welcome but the massive buffet was well smashed, I’m sure we got value for money 🙂 So for me I slept awful and woke up as you do on holiday or a foreign bed, so a quick 15 miles via Perigueux and the 1st breakfast was had, we fuelled up and began the tour.

the 1st trip was to a beautiful place Brantome “Si had mentioned Stratford on Avon” or compared the views to it, we had a massive gusty wind all the way back after a lovely coffee next to the river. YES IT WAS LOVELY !!!  ride here WITH BRUCE 63 AND GOING WELL 

Saturday Afternoon the Perigueux cycling club ride @ 1.30pm near the fire station  we never made it but decent ride which included Cubjac & Le Change heading towards Hautefort, I’d had enough just past Sainte Eulalte D’Ans mainly due to feeling average and suffering from hayfever “tree variety”  or was it the pollution issue / sahara dust ?? and only a tiny amount of food left. Si Cube was riding like Contador which didn’t let up any days, I limped home.

Sunday we visited Antonne, Agonac, Bourdeilles and with a big part being the Brantome route it was again hard work but stunning,  we had heavy winds on the way back again and with some steady climbs I dug in and spun it out ride is HERE

Monday my right knee flared up but you can see the rides on strava if you click my name Ricey155, some good bits Bruce’s place is situated in the Antonne Et Trigonant area on the N21 not far from Limoges airport (1hr 15) Perigueux is 5 miles away & Bergerac airport is closer and Ryanair fly from there so check that out.

My all time favourite section to date is HERE  what a beauty Lauriere 2 miles from base camp a real must DO !!!

McDonalds / KFC is handy free WIFI for that all important Strava uploads and plenty of supermarkets in Trellisac (just a bit closer than Perigueux)

so 4 days 250 miles a sore knee but great weather for last 2 days made up for that, 21 & 23 degree’s – another go is a must 🙂

Get in touch if your heading down that way and fancy being put up by the artisan owner Bruce he offers a daily rate for 3-5 people @ £65 per day inc breakfast and evening meal (excellent chief and steady old rider) cheap as chips for a quality stay !!!

time to get the knee sorted really disappointed with all the steady 100’s in February & March this year, recover and go again.





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