Tomorrow is STARLEY BIKES test day – JKS AR and hopefully JKS R1

WE visited Dynamic rides last Sunday (20th Oct 2013) very impressed with the set up and the ability to test the latest offerings from Colnago and Starley + Mekk.

A week on I’ve decided that the JKS AR version is the one to test, I really fancy an aero road bike over a cruiser 🙂

so stay tuned I’ll be back with my views 2moro after the offer of a 20-25 mile ride with the DR guys

** Found this review from bike list HERE ** 

Saturday 26th October 10am ride with the Dynamic Rides group (nice guys especially the ride leader Dave) so I was kitted out on the JKS AR ok I already knew the bike was a medium fitted with SRAM RED 10 speed. !st impressions very compact / tiny but also very stiff and responsive.

The bike handles really well not overly twitchy just solid, climbs nicely I did’nt have my Q rings to help me and believe me after only 300 miles I’ve converted to ROTORS for good.

I’m also converted to the aero road frame and STARLEY have done a great job the bike feels like real quality and has been put together by professionals, so after a pootle for 23 miles I got to try the JKS R1 again with SRAM RED fitted this one feels more like a big arm chair after the AR version, its probably slightly longer than the planet x but again felt solid, rode well and felt easier to peddle as did  the AR.

I loved the BB30 power and SRAM crank just not the rings all in all a good start to my future bike search. STARLEY have set the mark high so the rest best up there game to get my cash in 2014.

no more bike searching with out a possible trial 3k is too much cash to waste on a whim.

visit Dynamics facebook site HERE and there website HERE – pop in if your local to Hockley Heath, Solihull 

Screenshot (1)



  1. Ricey! LOL, I found your ‘other’ blog…as I was looking for a review of the JKS R1 (which is the the UIS-Zhongwei R-002) which is the bike I have. Funny how there is no mention of that on the net…that both Starley and Vektor use the R-002 frame and fork!


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