Rotor Q rings 50-34 110bcd purchase and install

After 5 days thinking about purchasing Q rings, I jump in and got them from my LBS (Coventry Cycle Centre).

£159 for the pair and Tuesday I fitted them straight away 🙂

So the fitting I went for the standard starting option 3 and as guided by the shop installed them with 3 dots away from crank arm (seems to be ok so far)

Q rings

yellow arrow is position of the 3, did the same for both rings and with no markings on the small ring. I opted for the ring side facing away from the crank, the cables are shot so being upgraded next week. haven’t yet to try the small ring (no big hills about I hope they work)

I’ve done about 60 miles so far on them and yet to make my mind up on whether they work OK, they don’t feel that different but they look cool and finally I get to use my gold bolts (didn’t fit the standard apex rings)

lets hit the miles see how they fair, another trip to Dovers, Saintbury and Willersey are on the cards to test next Firday 🙂 18th October 2013


I hope they give me that little extra and keep me motivated for years to come


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