Promised myself a new bike with DI2 or EPS after hitting the miles hard

Started the year with a goal 500 miles per month for 4 months, then it rolled over into the cricket season and were still hitting the 500 miles per month currently 5200 miles this year.

SO all good but I really fancy the electric shifting option they say Di2 is amazing once used you don’t go back. Can I treat myself to a new bike in 2013 already ?? or wait till 2014

current favourite is the canyon, German made and very smooth looking and cheap £2500 approx STAY TUNED

the downside I need to get my goal weight sorted 12st 5lbs currently 12st 9lbs been bad for a few weeks 🙂 so no new bike till then

** BRAINS DOING OVERTIME ** – this bike is to be no exceptions, were not going oh its ultegra di2 with fsa crank etc. But this time its dura ace the best DI2 on offer. we got done a little on the PX it had SRAM RED but then it arrives and its on levers and rear mech the rest was APEX ok its done its job but you only lice once and deserve a treat don’t we ???

Ultegra weight – 2680g v Dura ace 9070 @ 2047g 640 saving WOW – plus ultegra is ugly

bike list and prices 2nd October 2013 – nothing cheap once in a lifetime purchase MAYBE

Canyon – Aeroad CF 9.0 team – 6.95kg price £4375 (DI2 9070 & mavic cosmic carbone wheels)

Canyon – Ultimate CF SLX – 6.30kg price £4209 (DI2 9070 – Mavic R sys slr wts)

HOLD THE EARLY MORNINGS THOUGHTS (problem shared and all that)

Interesting news visit Cov cycle centre and had an interesting chat, the latest DI2 Ultegra 11 speed has been streamlined and at only £2800 for the cayo 2.0 with di2 that seems decent money for a good bike. So might save some cash and get a new bike, new range out soon 🙂

change your mind like the wind !!!!!!!!!  WORLD TOUR MODELS  FOR 2013 HERE


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