Good customer service does exist in 2013 SWISS SIDE WHEELS

I purchased my new wheels end of March this year had to be fair they have been excellent, I had an issue with the rear going out of tru.

I decided that i didn’t like the fancy stickers any longer, so removed them a few days back to find 2 small cracks in the rim so i took a few pics and fired and email today to SWISS SIDE and they got right back to me and are sending a replacement rear wheel.

GREAT SERVICE – they send this email with regards to the issue

Improvements have been made to the rear rim structure, including increasing the height from 23mm to 26mm and increasing the width from 19mm to 23mm. The rear hub geometry has also been optimised and the now features 24 spokes (was 20) arranged in a 2:1 pattern (16 drive-side spokes, 8 non-driveside spokes). The final result is a stiffer and stronger wheel with lower overall spoke tensions (lowered on the drive-side and increased on the non-driveside).


here’s to loads of miles and a happy customer PHEW



  1. What model of wheels did you have and what type of riding do you do. Also if you dont mind me asking…what is your weight?

    1. HI I’m 80kg down from 85kg, riding anything from 20 mile sprints to 50-60 miles with hills and downhills. they felt good going down at 44.9mph last Friday and there light enough for 16% climbs

      good solid cheap wheels and look the dogs

      1. Thanks for the info. The reason I asked is that I have the franc Evo 2 and the max rider weight is 90kg and I am just under that. Have done 1k miles and seems ok…..just was a bit concerned that yours cracked! Especially as you are well under the max.

      2. Right got ya, I believe they changed the design on the cheaper wheels added more spokes and weight. I removed the stickers after a mystery noise but the noise is still there even after the new wheel was fitted. I’ve done 1940 miles so far but that’s from new (both wheels)

        check them out my cracks were big, but I’m sure if I welded them neatly they would last just look rubbish.

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