decent weather and bingo, the saddle sores are back (cure required)

Update : ITS CURED


they say not to wear 2 pairs of shorts but I found some really light weight tea bag like material that’s not overly sweaty and the sores have gone.

try aliexpress – product here –

Men Bicycle Cycling Bike Short Underwear 3D Padded Coolmax


Time to start the search for a cure, I’ve never really cured the issue i’ve bought washing stuff from WIGGLE (

I’ll share what I find and link the blog/forums and posts so there easy to find and hopefully help cure your issues with SORES (I can ride through them but they hurt after)

1st HERE

I’ve tried plenty of the creams for riding which aren’t cheap, one pro tip was Aqueous cream which is cheap at 99p from home bargains, and then we move on to the after care –  bucket full of sudocream for healing (stole the babies) & Metanium (nappy cream), another purchase today Preparation H Gel (Boots) and Eurax (tesco’s) sudocream has zinc oxide which most blogs / info talk about a lot. I’m yet to find the cure and it won’t stop me riding that’s for sure.

This is mentioned in many blog’s i’ve read “acne gel containing 10% benzoyl peroxide”  HERE & people have been banned for using cortisone and got away with saying its for saddle sores “hydrocortisone cream”

Anti monkey butt uses talc & calamine powder got the talc so best order some CP (pretty cheap 120g on amazon is £4) Vermont’s bag balm also gets loads of mentions another possible cure. I’ll try anything HELP !!!

another site HERE


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