Simple things that should work DON’T Garmin 500 bad data files

All you want is to plug your lovely Garmin edge 500 into your computer and upload the file and view your stats and move on, lately I’ve had like many others the bad data experience, you ride the device is working fine you get home and boom data lost bad files (sort it out GARMIN please)

so the fix HERE is one you can try HERE (people have had success I’ve not yet)

Golden Cheetah has a linux option for install HERE

PC help HERE  – Fit File Repair Tool (best give that a try on the PC) no free a poor trial effort you can’t even try the full fat version ONCE RUBBISH

To perform the master reset: probably solve most of the issue’s 
Power device off
Press and hold Page/Menu, Start/Stop and Power simultaneously
Release buttons when the word “Garmin” disappears”

Garmin link for full info on reset – HERE

wheel size for 700 x 23c = 2096 25c = 2105


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