Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor another faulty piece of kit (Apr 2013)

Well well another GARMIN failure this time its the heart rate monitor – soft strap version. lately its been giving really high or low readings

so the plan was hand wash the strap (its never been washed in 16 months) it worked but same issue, the next step removing the mini screws from the case, you need ideally a Phillips #000 or JIS type S #000 (Jap micro screwdriver)  replaced the battery the unit then decided to stop working all together  so its another replacement.

looking about decathlon has a version cheap as well (ANT +) Wahoo also have one that’s compatible according to WIGGLE not cheap

I sometimes wonder if GARMIN build there stuff to last just over the warranty period, there customer service is pretty good they replace with no messing about but its all hassle.

post up if you’ve had the same issues with the product

setup new heart rate monitor – settings got to heart monitor then turn off and then on again (picks the new sensor up, if you don’t stop it it doesn’t (FR70 and edge 500)


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