Gear ratios – riding the big ring everywhere

Don’t understand them other than what I’m currently running 50/34 and upgrading to a 53/39 would give me a harder job up the mountains of Warwickshire (lol) , we ride with a steady old Irish fella Arthur K, he is a master grinder and learned a lot this winter training with him.

he’s a jedi does everything by feel no cadence sensors or heart rate monitors, ride a 53/39 and never uses the small chain, that’s for balancing the bike I’ve been told 🙂

so lately I’ve decided any hill should be a big ring challenge, so looking at gear ratio’s HERE (decent website with info)

to be honest my strength is getting better with every ride and hills are becoming a lot easier, long may the training continue

10 mile times/speed for training (respect to the TT guys hitting 28-29mph and 20 mins for 10 miles)

24mph ~ 25 mins ~ 23mph – 26.08 ~ 22mph – 27.27 ~ 21mph – 28.57 mins

20mph – 30 mins ~ 19mph – 31.57 mins ~ 18mph – 33.33 ~ 17mph – 35.29 ~ 16pmh – 37.5 mins

bike radar pedal faster with Q rings HERE ITS October 1st today 2013 and I’m back looking at Q rings for improvement

another good calculator can be found here


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