Training Tyres, general road use

My old winter wheels are in need of replacement pretty worn down, bike radar rate these highly so I’ve bought one to try

Wiggle link HERE mileage test back soon 🙂 – update needed some new tyres for the new wheels these are sold out

so the next project is Vittoria Rubino Pro 3 Folding Tyre Orange/Black 700x23mm @ £18 each with free delivery at Ribble seem a bargain lets hope they last and run well UPDATE: the front is still going strong 3,500 miles in the rear squared off around 3,000 so not bad wear and they can still maybe get used on the TURBO

been impressed with the few rides I’ve had with the Vredestein Fortezza TriComp Folding Tyre but as said sold out unsure on the mileage but they show signs of wear and cracking but still no punctures as yet, so maybe looks can be deceiving.

January 2014 I’ve gone for another make Hutchinson Fusion 3 X-Light Kevlar ProTech Folding Tyre only £17.99 worth a go for the winter and get good reviews on many sites.

fitted the new rear to get an idea if its a keeper 1st 20 miles rode ok (REF 1645 miles QR)


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