Upgrade’s – Planet X is nearly a year old

5th March not long before the PX is a year old, its been totally reliable and a good solid bike it must be on around 4000 miles

used through all the bad weather and grime, so I’ve toyed with a new summer bike and keep the PX for winter but is another carbon frame going to make that much difference seeing as i don’t race or do sportive’s NO is the answer but shiny stuff is cool 🙂

I’m running SRAM red except for the brakes and crank so I think the best upgrade is the crank its lighter the SRAM red in GXP is 609g but stiffer than the apex version that weights in at 890g must be the best upgrade maybe even move from the compact

best do some extra research

Sram force GXP – 791g –  53/39 pr 50-34 available, Red 760g W/bottom bracket –  175mm crank arms 53/39 (2011 with grey rings)

apex is 890g with BB ROAD CC link on that item HERE

Osymetric chainrings decent read HERE

Throw a new chain in – 10 speed – weight guide – Sram PG1091 (265g – 114 links) PG1091R (255g) PG1071 (264g)- Wippermann connext 10s8 (275g) – KMC X10SL Ti (245g) (SRAM stuff from there SITE HERE

current chain PG1051 (271g) bike radar wrote a nice article about the POWERLINK system HERE


Tech stuff

GXP (Giga X Pipe)

Giga X Pipe External Bottom Bracket Bearing Assembly.  While other systems rely on side loading the bearings to eliminate play, which causes premature bearing wear, the GXP system is different. The GXP system captures the left side bearing between the spindle and the left crankarm while allowing the drive-side bearing to float axially on the spindle, thereby eliminating the necessity to side-load bearings during adjustment. The simplicity of installation is refined: once it is tightened to the proper specifications you are ready to roll with a worry free BB. The GXP system uses two bicycle specific cartridge bearings and eight seals for a smooth and long lasting ride.

Written on your front chainring – BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter) is also referred to as PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter)


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