Best bits on the web / blogs and interesting stuff

So much searching to be done, repairs my idea if i manage them myself it saves me extra money for goodies, don’t get me wrong I’m not poor or rich but i like to save money i work 2 days a week part time the rest its looking after my new little monster (boy) and seeing as i earn £6.19 a hour i like to work on the golden rule divide that by what something costs to gain a full idea how many hours i need to work to pay for it !!! and then make the decision to buy it.

so the best bits on the web, money saving tips

London cyclist has the best 50 blogs so I’m not going to go over the same info and post it up myself so here’s the link HERE

and this is a good read HERE

Added Nov 2013 – I started reading some info on chinese frames and came across this blogspot and it had a good piece on Saintbury & Dovers Hill HERE (Richard Elliott’s blog) worth a read 


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