adding a route to my garmin 500 (for the tricky new routes out there)

Ok I’m not a fan of using maps when out riding I like to get lost and find new tracks but seeing as the Garmin 500 edge has the facility were trying it out Saturday

so plenty of roads I’ve never used before to try it out 🙂 might not get back home

how i set mine up

I started with map my ride there route builder is excellent (try it) and then export the GPX file 1st error 500 uses  .tcx (bugger)

use gps babel to convert your gpx to a tcx if required

ride with gps import route then you can save your route as a TCX / GPX / KML (remember were using TCX it’s the best for the G500)

blog on how to import to edge 500 HERE drag andd drop does work but the thing aint no computer it takes ages

info on the type of files your using for garmin 500 HERE

DC rainmaker has written about making a route as well i like his site so here’s a link

Update the map system works really well i like the breadcrum trail nice and simple without being a full turn by turn sat nav, if you needed some idea on direction try it out you don’t need the EDGE 800 for simple routes and save your pocket money

I’ve decided plotting my own routes is best, I’ve tried importing a GPX from the Whitestone Wheelers site HERE and it doesn’t convert or install for me


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