Garmin & Linux (is there a fix out there) Tech stuff

I’ve started to come around to purpose built GPS devices as i wrote the last few days being a messer with smartphones and installing various ROMS on the android  phone GPS issues come about, you get a decent rom you get lousy GPS

so the Garmin 500 is on its way to replace the none GPS FR70 and smartphone

problem is I’m a massive LINUX user MINT13 and garmin connect doesn’t support it so as usual i need to root around for a fix so i thought id share my findings if i get any

1st piece HERE for older units 

Linux garmin connect plugin HERE works fine picked my 500 up no problem & forum talk HERE

installing communicator via terminal with mint 15 HERE SIMPLES 

tested for 2.5 miles results: Endo 2.38, Fr70 2.52, 500 2.47 better test over the coming week, byt little annoyed Sundays ride with the wheelers Fr70 61.23 Smartphone with endomondo 59.84 stole a tiny bit 😦

GARMIN 500 setup – youtube video for ease of action HERE 1min 54 he goes through how to alter the standard set up pretty easy once you do it once 

activity setup

garmin activity

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