Hitting the magic 40 – need a gadget fix :-)

Right nearing the big FORTY in February being a technology geek, I’m fed up with my smartphone GPS don’t get me wrong its great works well except for robbing me of the odd mile on my 50+ rides i find that annoying 🙂 and my speeds are down.

no as I like messing with my android roms battery life isn’t always great if you have a zippy phone so the downside is slightly less performance

so the fix / cure think I’m going GARMIN 500 yes there a more expensive model the 800 but 500 will do just fine i already have the FR70 so cadence and speed sensors and the 500 will come with the same kit, the 200 is a little less action packed so that’s a no goer

Dc rainmaker always writes a good review so check this out if your buying anything let alone the 500 HERE 

the basic package seems to be around the £150 marker sigma offer you 2 tubes high five salts then again if you sign up you can get another 10% on some deals


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