November 2012 – a solid month for riding, diet time and pushing hard in the wind


So I’ve had my lets not bother with what we’re eating month, drinking most nights mainly on the wind down from the cricket season ending and all of a sudden I’ve got time to kill, evenings are back watching the TV rather than visiting cricket grounds and no coaching.

So after putting on about 5 pounds even tho I’ve done the most miles ever on a bike in the month 443 November is fitness month try and get back into shape again, the Friday squash sessions are back at etone with the TOPPS, Saturday is becoming MTB time (mainly due to my bro wanting to get in on the act) and Sunday will be Whitesone Wheelers as usual (steady 50 miles)

I like a drink and I’ve had periods where i don’t bother mainly due to using a good book Allen Carr’s easy way to CONTROL ALCOHOL only downside is that its not a control book its a FINAL DRINK situ at the end, not really what i wanted as a nice bottle of red on a Sunday is a nice finish to the weekend.

So weight loss time to take a steady approach on the booze can i drink 2-3 times a week not talking loads maybe 2-3 beers and a bottle of red at the weekend lets bloody try.

at 6ft 2″ i want to get under 13 stone and at nearly 40 in Feb id like to see a six pack before i leave the world not sure I could and will power will probably leave me at some stage trying.

onwards then November detox and maybe the magic 500 monthly miles gets cracked

UPDATE 7th December 2012 

Stress and a new baby coming 8 weeks early haven’t helped, i decided to go on the Bradley Wiggins vodka and tonic diet (get smashed most nights)

with the misses in hospital for 2 weeks and then Cameron being moved 45 miles away travelling and hassle took me back to the cosy drinking most night, not good so except for crimbo activities I’m going on the no booze for Jan/Feb and most of December 

as you can see body isn’t in bad or great shape

P1090853 P1090854 Dec 2012

frontbodyFEB sidefeb8 Feb 2013 – drink free for Jan and Feb so far NO DIET eat what i want NO drink, 39 days in. 687 miles, 5 games of squash and 3 cricket nets worth of exercise, 1 curry.

1st March update

P1090953 P1090954 P1090955

lasted 53 days with no beer, but finally shared 3 beers (over 3 nights) with the wife B’day treat, and only 1 takeaway / sit in curry again b’day, 1047 miles (507 for Feb) so hitting the road well, squash every Friday and started on the swiss ball after watching active channel on sky 282, really glad I took the photos shows without a big change and no alcohol the body looks a lot different that 2 months ago !! lets keep it up limited drink consumption for March again really want a flat stomach and no sign of a beer belly full stop, LIVE BEGINS at FORTY

April 29th update 2191 miles in the bank and the cricket season has started, 5 beers and 3 glasses of wine in the month, drink free March

Apr 29 front apr 29 side  still plenty to work on, more miles please and remember no diet I eat like a horse just cutting the lager, real ale and wine most days 🙂  so into May we go !! I actually weight 12 stone 13 1/4 Sunday 28th April so that’s awesome, I personally think 12.5 stones is on the cards maybe even less.

Amazing how I could never get below 13 when drinking lager most nights

Project 78.5kg has started with the android app myfitnesspal 2100 calories for 5 weeks should do the deal – new pics today 30th May 2013

may 30th front   game on, 558 miles so far this month going well

27th June down to 12 10 1/2 (steady but keeping it off)  measurement around stomach (belly button area) 93.5cm 700 miles for the month personal best

front july side july moving very slowly best keep up the effort (fit @ forty)

Ok we move on to July 31st – July has been a average month with decent weather and a few good results, the beer has flowed most days. Upside we hit 653 miles for the month, and the diet has improved very little bread and potatoes in JULY WEIGHT TODAY 12 stone 8 1/2

july front 13 july end 13 new pics arms at side of head, so i get them the same stance every photo, ITS working carry on till its all gone :-), again no real diet just sensible eating and extra exercise and a will to get fit again. MENTAL STRENGTH !!!

Months flying by still on the myfitness calorie counter and sticking to it other than Saturdays a cricket day, beer here and there but nothing major

aug 13 front aug side 13  its going slowly, but photo evidence proves hard work is key. weight in 12st 7 lbs so all is good.

Ok its a year since the diet started and the book is closed on this blog, we start a fresh for 2014

down to 12 stone 6 pounds or 80kg or 176.4 lbs – November results below

nov fit front side nov

Update: Nov 2014

I’m glad I wrote this and took the time to take photos it really helps see where I was back then not much changes still in and out with FADS – 2015 is about lifestyle change !!!!


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  1. 19th November – Diet and the proposed 500 miles cancelled this month, decided to pick up and nice chest cold so that’s stopped the riding as no energy and they say feed a cold well ive eaten loads and beer control has gone out the window for this month (with other issues to boot)

    next mission after watching Carl Froch Saturday is the 12 week boxing fitness scheme i wonder if i could hit it for 3 months would be a great boost ready for the 2013 cricket season

    mind control

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