Planet X SL pro carbon gets its 1st run 30th March 2012

A week and a day after i ordered the beauty it turned up at dinner time got home at 6pm and opened the box up, its stunning so light and setup in race mode

looking forward to loads of miles and then more miles 🙂

current endomondo stat’s pre Planet x so i know how many miles ive done on it


Well went out mid morning for a 25 miler before squash, the bike is light and today its windy and cold again, wrapped up warm new seat is a killer going to take some breaking in, the wheels and tyres are the biggest let down for me, the blizzard sports are poor and the wheels feel heavy the sram red gears are mint selection under stress is amazing just click and go money well spent on those the frame feels nice to ride and does take the bumps well especially on Coventry roads which are CRAP money well spent

same bike but with DURA ACE gearing here SRAM red bikeradar review ~ SRAM’S site

January 13th miles to date – 3271 on the planet X money very well spent, bikes holding up nicely the carbon wheels are in the box again and the steel PX rims are going well over the winter, there not as bad as 1st impressions

I’m ramping up the fitness in 2013 and going hard 1st 2 months give me a good start PX is getting hammered


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