Its all about weight reduction for 2012 – bike, kit and body

Need to lose a few pound just justify all the miles im going to do in 2012, i hope to double my mileage from 2011 at least

2011 road cycling miles 988 pretty average for a whole year lost interest and tried to pull it back at the end, anyway new faith and spirit for 2012, the new bike is on hold till i hit the 13 stone mark and keep it off for a while, six pack is a must this year 🙂

my current road shoes are specialized BG sport MTB ( It uses BG features in the outsole and footbed with a glass-reinforced nylon sole at 5.0 stiffness index) the weight is 345g per shoes (690 total) full on road shoes with carbon sole are anywhere from 235g so easier on the legs id guess

my wheels are heavy also so something else to look at maybe carbon for more reduction stay tuned bike is going to be slimmer

front inc tyre is 1400grams and the rear is 2100 tyre and quick release – people have said take a look at these CHEAP planet X branded  


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