A4 Ladder – January 2012

Promoted from A5 last month this is deffo gonna be a hard one with the quality of James Moody, Chris Lloyd, Hugh Moreton and Callum McDonagh

1st game v Hugh Moreton Friday 6th Jan  only managed 2-1 and were got chucked off, Hugh took the 1st 10-8 me 6-9 & 5-9 sitting 2-1 up Hugh started well in the 4th game 5-1 up think the idea of playing at 1pm then 4.50pm might have been a tadge to much, we will play the rest at a later date

2nd game v Callum McDonagh Saturday 14th Jan very cold court game wasn’t going to be a marathon, i took the 1st game 9-3 and then next 9-5 2-0 all going well Callum came back hard in the next and took it 9-3 (2-1) mini break and i went hard and flew home 9-1 and a 3~1 victory much needed and 6 welcome points Callum takes 2

3rd Game v Chris Lloyd Friday 20th Jan a LOSS but really enjoyed the match, Chris took the 1st game 10-9 could have gone either way, i took the next 9-6 @ 1-1 long into the 1hr slot started early, next game Chris took it 10-8 ok Chris then went hard at got an early lead 5-1 then 7-1 i had a mini comback 7-3 then 8-5 the play swopped over till finally Chris got his serve smack on and with the NICK he took the match 3-1 (1st loss for a while oh well rebuild time)

*** James Moody injured this month ***


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