Re hydration for my sports (Cricket, Squash & Cycling)

Time to start the fitness campaign big time and do things right, they say cordial isn’t the best option for re hydration

make your own – bulk here (dextrose monohydrate) cheap online compared to there eBaY store

Sports Drinks
Commercial sports drinks are widely available and are a key element in your triathlon hydration strategy. However these can be quite expensive.

Follow the recipe below to make your own (from Professor M Gleeson,

The amounts shown are sufficient for 1 litre (1000 mL) of drink.
50 grams of glucose as dextrose monohydrate (available from most pharmacies).
0.5 grams of sodium chloride (table salt). This works out at about 1/7th of a level teaspoon.
1.5 grams of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). This works out at about half of a level teaspoon.
Add the above ingredients to 500 ml of cold water. Mix thoroughly until completely dissolved.
Add 100ml of a commercially available sugar-free (low-calorie) fruit cordial (experiment with different flavours to see what you like best).
Finally add more cold water to top up to a total volume of 1 litre.

You might find the drink to be a bit too salty. If so, then instead of the table salt and baking soda, add 2.5 grams (about one level teaspoon) of sodium citrate (as trisodium citrate dihydrate). This will provide a similar amount of sodium, but without the salty taste.


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