A5 League for December 2011

Got some tought games ahead, Steve Ealing, Callum McDonagh, Nigel Evans and Roy Meats gonna be tough staying in the league !! onwards gonna be fun

Well Monday 19th December 2012 Game 1 v Steve Ealing won 3~0 really impressed with my fitness and flexibility (cardio yoga works) 9-7, 9-2, 9-1 decent start to the campaign HRM tracking here avg 150 max 171  

Game 2 v Callum McDonagh 21st December and another 3~0 win, all my Christmas pressies come at once, 9-6, 9-2, 9-5 (7 pts to 1)  maybe another promotion is on the cards ?? lets hope so

Game 3 v Roy Meats 28th December after 49 road miles on the bike yesterday, i wasn’t up for this but lets get it on, took the 1st 2 games pretty easy excellent NO Roy then has me running around like a headless chicken and no rythum, 2-2 game on Roy takes a 2-0 lead i finally wake up and take the game 9-3 something snapped and i got my game back and a little fitness (god knows where the legs came from) 3-2 (5pts to 3) great game one of the best ive played these old guys can play !!!

19pts x 3 should be enough for a A4 1st outing !!


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