Garmin FR70 purchased with Ant+ and soft strap

My new HRM got delivered today from chain reactions cycles, try’d it out today on my 1st ride got it up to 166bpm  no average as i hadn’t set it up

im hoping i can see an improvement in my general fitness due to seeing how im pushing myself

more fitness tonight with a squash friendly im interested to see how it fairs

resting today 56 bpm aged 38

ok max heart rate on the bike for 15.5 miles earlier was 166 squash was better got it to 185bpm and an average 165bpm (inc rests between games) game v Alan Kutcha watch trial

working out your ideal heart rate 

220-38= 182
182-58 (resting heart rate) = 124 (heart rate reserve)
124 X .65 %(intensity) = 80.6
80.6 + 58= 138.6  = Target Heart Rate

124 x .80 % = 99.2

99.2 + 58 = 157.2  THR  on these workings my max heart rate would be 182 bmp i had 185 in the squash court flying lol 


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