November 2011 squash ladder A6

Game 1 v Alan Kutcha Monday 7th November rematch of last weeks B1 match when i lost 3-0, after a heavy week on the beer Monday was total recovery

1st game average lost 9-5, second game little better lost 9-6 feet moving but still bad lengths etc, game 3 finally got it going won 9-7, 4th game down early 7-3, Alan again in charge, couple of decent points back to 7-5 and then Alan makes it 8-5 and massive effort got it back to 8-8 lost my service, got it back and won the point AWESOME 9-8 and 2-2 all TIME RAN OUT rematch for the extra point next Monday a better start to my A6 league campaign

well Monday 14th 6pm best of 3 for the extra 2 points, started fast for once 7-1 lead then lost the plot had 2 chances to win messed them up then lost 10-8 bad times, next game was a big downer Alan raced into a 5-0 lead and never got back losing 9-5 – won the next 2 friendly games not worth it really got a nice wack on my knee and it hurts

Game 2 v Callum McDonagh well i think its coming together along with the extra fitness over the week / weekend and the drive Flem gave me cycling yesterday, i came into the game with a decent attitude and bingo it worked, 1st game won 9-6, close 2nd but managed to edge it 9-7, and the 3rd i had decent legs took and early 5-0 lead then closed it out this week 9-1 for a massive win for me 3-0, 7pts to 1 excellent something to build on

Game 3 V Andy Gilchrist not at my best pretty tired from all this hitting exercise hard, took and early lead 8-0 up struggled to get it done again but took it 9-3, 2nd came 9-1 and completely bushed come the 3rd but took it 9-5 and a 3-0 victory, time for some rest i think

with Simon Cooper injured its a 3 game month 2 wins and a loss should see us promoted again – excellent

looking forward to December


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