Squash lesson stuff to thing about (things to look back on)

Ok been a memeber at Cleaver for 5 months and playing on and off for 2 years i feel ive come to a STOP sign my game is worse than when i stopped ok ive played little and need to play more to gain confidence

Andy Pallett gave me the lesson the main things

1: turning my left shoulder like a golf swing for my power

2: hitting it behind my front leg instead of level with my front leg

3: not getting into position moving as i hit the ball, get set and steady then play the shot

loads to work on had a lovely match with 13 yr old Jack Cooper (one for the future) Andy had worked me hard and my mind was all over the place lost 3-2 all close games ran out of steam i best get a rematch and claim the title back šŸ™‚ learn a lot from the young man, he plays nice gonna be excellent when he gets his strength and power


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