start of the fitness campaign October 2011

Ok the start purchased some weight watchers scales model 8944u and introducing a better eating plan / fitness campaign DO MORE

Me and Lizzy done @ 4.30pm (guide ~ Yellow LOW ~ Green Normal ~ Red High) 

Liz 33 and 5ft4                                    Russ 38 6ft2

Weight: 8.9 1/2                                   13.8 1/4

BMI: 20.7 ~ green                              24.4 ~ green

Body FatWeight: 2.0 3/4  yellow   3.2 3/4 green

Body Fat %: 23.6 yellow                   23.6 green

Body Water: 55.8 yellow                  55.7 green

the start updates every month, Liz no socks, trousers & light jumper Russ Heavy trackies (blue), T shirt and no socks


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