The new league ladder ~ B1 October 2011

Some tough games coming up with Alan Kutcha, Ian Stallard, Stan Carvell and Doug McLelland in the league this month, having dropped from A6 due to injury and the start of the cricket season only playing 2 games out the 4

my new campaign started with Doug McLelland, Doug riding high with 2 league wins already so we arranged the game for 13th October at 7.50pm

Match 1 v Doug started well taking the 1st game my own game not good rushing and missing plenty of easy shots (match practice required) so i take the 2nd and 3rd to go 2-1 up nice still not playing great, Doug takes the 4th and then rushes into a 6-2 lead in the 5th and final game, bugger not good i fight back to make it 6-6, then i give away a stroke 7-6 down massive point up next and manage to keep in the rally and win the serve back, and then i finally play some high tempo squash and win 9-7 and collect the win and (3-2) & 5pts to 3pts a win but need to step it up for Mondays (17th Oct) match with Stan Carvell

Match 2 v Stan started like a train and won the 1st 9-0, next game started fast again 8-0 missed an easy shot and then lost 5 points on the trot, stuck in took it 9-5, game 3 raced to a 8 points again finally won 9-1, amazed as Stan is pretty solid but happy with 3-0 and 7pts to 1 pt (League points so far 12pts)

Ian Stallard Monday 24th 12pm next up

Match 3 24th v Ian Stallard lost the toss and Ian started strong, he mentioned he had learned a lot playing Alan Kutcha and he had decent lengths and being taller than me seemed to get everything i had (most not tight enough) so down early fought back and won the 1st 9-7 into the 2nd Ian again started strong but this time a few bad decisions and he takes it 9-7 mainly one let/stroke point tried to play it should have taken the stroke (Ian in the way), 3rd game Ian again started strong come on give me a break 6-3 up fought back and took it 9-6 ok nerves are a little better sitting 2-1 up

3rd game i finally started better than Ian and up early Ian came back and took a one point lead 6-5, I won the serve back and went ahead 8-5 Ian got in the way and gave me the point / stroke i said no not on game point and served again a fierce rally and i take it 9-5 tough game need to get more aggressive anyway 3-1 win happy 3 wins from 3 (5,6,7 points = 18 with a game to go)

one game to go Alan Kutcha unbeaten and yet to drop a game i believe

Game 4 v Alan Kutcha no excuse i got battered now im not sure the fact we were both promoted but needed to turn up and get the 1 point plus x 4 on points earned, which does make a difference infact i would have finished 3rd if i hadn’t completed 4th match, anyways less of the talk lost 3-0 (9-3, 9-6, 9-4) no contest Alan is very steady and wise must learn FAST rematch next Monday A6 league starts picture of the final league table (time for a lesson)

Lessons booked Wednesday 2nd November 2011 see if Andy’s magic can perform some miracles 


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