Club champs 2011 v Dave Clark

not the best prep having a Saturday on the red wine and ending up opened the 3rd !!

any hows no more excuses game V DC, Clarky is a good player (32 yrs old) big lad very big but skillful – having pulled my calf the day before i was kinda struggling with my take off, anyway struggled on Dave took the 1st game 9-6, then 9-3, i played better the next and won 9-5, (2-1) we have a chance the calf was pissing me about and in my head, battled on well badly 8-2 down game over, decided to get with it and got back to 8-8 then sh1t the bed ran outta steam lost 10-8 shame a 5th would have been interesting !!!

excellent game really enjoyed losing and keeping control of the my emotions no more swearing or racket abuse !!!

game can only go one way UP – now in the plate section (1st round losers)


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