Friday Squash friendly 11th March 2011

Tom Joyce round 2, after last weeks 1st lose for ages it was time to get revenge, the lesson is starting to bed in and also the new rackets are also getting a better feel the strings are also feeling better so the game

Tom got of to a flyer 7-2 up time to start playing, the length wasn’t there as it was at C&NW at dinnertime, anyway edged back and just as we tied 8-8 we needed to move courts from 3 to 2, ok the lights looked different quick warm up and away i lost 10-8 not bad but also not the best

game 2: this time its me who gets of to the flyer and im leading 7-1, this time its Tom’s turn to come back 7-6 i get 8-6, then 8-7 finally kill the game with a drop shot of quality 9-7 (2 excellent game so far)

Game 3: im starting to feel at home again on court and my lengths are getting better and better and my shot selection also, i race into a quick lead and no turning back this time 9-4 (2-1 up)

Game 4: pretty much as game 3, early lead displaying some decent form and energy 8-0 up and then 8-3 finally winning 9-3

Game 4: 9-5 to me (4-1 up) we start game 5 but times up – excellent workout and spirit as always with Joyce

new confidence and form ahead 🙂


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