Cleaver squash ladder progress and the start !!!

Ok having left Esporta 1st March 2011 after some excellent coaching by Jon Summers all free i may add, i joined Esporta mainly to start playing squash in November 2009, id played a few games over the years but nothing serious and nothing of any note, the lessons started and i got the bug for it i tried to play more and more but Esporta are a fitness club and nobody seemed to be playing much, excellent run club night by jon Summers and Graham Schofield, an effort was also made to run a ladder but we managed one month january and most people didn’t bother playing there games !!! not good

i needed a new challenge so dived in a joined Cleaver squash which is kinda handy as there over the road from my cricket club Nuneaton CC , so went for a visit and Andy the owner let me have a free months trial and also entered me into the ladder @ B3, long way to go and i hope to progress fast 🙂  cleaver tables here CLEAVER LADDERS – 1st month was excellent met some really nice people, games v Ian Pear, Fred Pallet, Dave Eames & Tom Joyce, i progressed as winner and moved up 2 leagues having lost just 1 game against Tom Joyce i was leading 7-3 losing 9-7 but came back winning 9-6, 9-0, 9-2 (27 league pts in total, 7-1,7-1,7-1,6-2) x 4 =108pts

we move on to month 2 – B1 is the league for March, 1st run out last night was Doug McLelland i took and early lead at 7-3 then my thoughts turned to Tom’s game the month before and Doug came back but i took it 9-7 with a few decent drop shots, next game i went missing Doug came back strong and took it 9-1 hammered time to think, id had my 2nd lesson with Andy at the club and wasn’t hitting it well confidence was low and new rackets also didn’t help my mood, i dug in and seemed to be winning easy with drop shots, Doug wasn’t moving great i took the next 9-3 so 2-1 up, i was starting to play a little better and gain some confidence the last game i took and early lead 7-1 took came back to 7-3, i went 8-3 and then finally took it 9-3  giving me 6pts to Doug 2 Pts nice start hopefully i can gain some confidence and progress


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